Build Your Own Home

Self Builder Services, Inc. provides:

24 years of construction experience

Assistance with locating and designing house plans

Assistance with pre-qualifying and loan financing

Completion of bank required construction estimates and forms

Assistance with building permit submittal

Two bids per project line item

Assistance with scheduling subcontractors

Assistance with building site review

Assistance with scheduling and management of necessary building inspections

Construction consultation - throughout the entire project


Self Builder Services Inc. provides a unique opportunity for OWNERS to be involved in the construction process of their custom home. Through our program, the owner is in the driver's seat at all times, making decisions and choices on materials, suppliers, and subcontractors. You may -or may not- want to participate in the actual construction work yourself. The beauty of working with Self Builder Services is that the choice is yours!

As the Owner, you have complete control of the construction budget. You decide exactly how to spend your money. You are able to build at contractor's wholesale prices, and if you find or negotiate better pricing, the surplus is yours, and remains in your budget! Building at wholesale prices gives you more house for the money and instant equity. Just ask our clients!

Self Builders Service, Inc. receives a flat fee based on square footage. That's all…no hidden costs, fees, or incentives!



Self Builder Services, Inc. will provide you with a CONSTRUCTION COST ESTIMATE, based on your house plans, at NO COST and NO OBLIGATION. A sample of the construction cost estimate can be viewed by clicking the link.


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