Self Builder Services, Inc. provides a unique opportunity for OWNERS to be involved in the construction process of their custom home. Through our program, the owner is in the driver's seat at all times, making decisions and choices on material, suppliers, and subcontractors. You may - or may not - want to participate in the actual construction work yourself. The beauty of working with Self Builders Services is that the choice is yours!

As the owner, you have complete control of the construction budget. You decide exactly how to spend your money. You are able to build at contractor's wholesale prices, and if you find or negotiate better pricing, the surplus is yours, and remains in your budget! Building at wholesale prices gives you more house for the money and instant equity. Just ask our clients!

What is Self Builder Services, Inc.?

  Self Builder Services, Inc. is an owner assisted custom construction program. Our specialized program allows the owner to co-manage, with Self Builders Services, Inc., the entire construction project, which enables the owner to make informed and knowledgeabledecisions, and ensures a successful completion.
2. Do you sell houses, house plans etc.?
  No. We are a service provider and can assist the owner in locating Architects or design services and/or house plans as needed.
3. Do I have to build a certain size home?
  No. You are free to build any size home. We have had clients build anywhere from 1800 sq. ft. up to 5300 sq. ft.
4. What areas do you build in?
  We have worked projects spanning King, Kitsap, Pierce, Mason, and Thurston counties. We are flexible and skilled at planning travel time accordingly.
5. Do you do any of the construction labor?
  No. The construction is done with the services of sub-contractors.
6. Do I have to do any of the construction labor?
  Only if you choose to do so.
7. Do you have a preferred or approved group of sub-contractors and suppliers?
  Yes. We have a network of sub-contractors that we can recommend. These are individuals that we can say are honest and dependable. Our bids most often will come from this select group. However, you are free to get additional bids and, in the end, YOU will select the sub-contractor that will do the actual work. As for suppliers, we will give recommendations, based on our experience, but again, you are allowed to purchase your product from suppliers of your choice.
8. Do you get a commission or incentive from your sub-contractors and suppliers?
  No. There are no hidden incentives, discounts or fees.
9. How much does it cost to build per square foot?
  The square foot cost varies depending on the type and quality of the basic construction material (i.e. siding, roofing, windows, etc.) and the finish materials (i.e. millwork package, cabinets, appliances, carpet, hardwood, tile, etc.) selected by the home owner.
10. How long have you been in the construction business?
  After finishing an "Operating Engineers" certification program in 1976, I spent 16 years working in the commercial construction field. In 1992 I moved to residential construction, building homes and founding Self Builder Services, Inc.

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